One card, unlimited users. 
A simple way to fly.

If you are looking for a simple and reliable way to fly by private jet for business, JetCard offers you an array of benefits that have been created with the business traveller in mind. 

'The most flexible JetCard membership programme in Europe'

- conklin & de decker

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benefits of jetcard for business 

  • Buy 25 hours of more of flying time 
  • Choice of 6 private jet categories 
  • Inclusive hourly rates 
  • Unlimited number of users 
  • Guaranteed availability with 24 hours' notice 
  • No peak day restrictions in Europe 
  • Flight hours that never expire 
  • Transparency and simplicity

    We understand the challenges of flying for business. Whether you have a last minute change to your schedule or need to visit multiple cities in a short space of time, JetCard offers a simple and reliable service with transparent and flexible terms.


Finance | FinTech | Management Consultancies | Pharmaceuticals
 Retail | Personal & Executive Assistants | IT

We work closely with a wide range of industries and large corporates across the globe to meet their individual flying requirements. JetCard will give your business the ultimate flexibility to fly. We'll get your people where they need to be. 

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Top 10 Benefits

JetCard for business. A
simple way to fly.

Our most requested business destinations

London | geneva | paris | new york | frankfurt | jersey | stockholm

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